This original screenplay is now complete, and as is the way with such scripts, both the protagonist’s adventure and the plot, have changed.

Spencer Durack  a senior barrister, soon to be appointed a QC,  is concealing early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Desperate to conceal his illness, he is blackmailed to accept a difficult murder case, before a mysterious photograph appears that could gain his client an acquittal. But Spencer is forced into the trial without permission to use it and knows that his client will be convicted.

When the jury acquits hie client, he is suspicious of both the client and the photograph. By subterfuge, he discovers that the photograph depicts an autistic girl who holds the key to the alibi defence of the acquitted murderer.

To ensure that justice prevails, Spencer must convince the Judge to examine the photograph as new evidence and then he devises a method for the non-verbal girl to give her testimony.

The resulting trial transforms Spencer’s personal and professional lives, forever.

Preview script