During more than 30 years in his city legal practice, Leon Davis acquired a lifetime of experience in serving the needs of his clients. He became adept at understanding, not only their legal and financial requirements, but also the personal issues that sometimes brought them into conflict.

Further, his  ongoing study of ancient Chinese metaphysics increased his appreciation of the human psyche and sustained long term associations with many of his clients and colleagues.

No less important to Leon have been the insights captured within his lifetime of sporting achievements. From schoolboy representative rugby and basketball, through senior basketball, to racing powerboats and cars, he built a wealth of experiences.

Years later, those memories and mid-life endeavors as a bicycle racer and Ironman triathlete demanded that he write.

His first novel, The Seasons Within, was born of his determination to complete the 1994 Australian Ironman Triathlon with a dislocated acromioclavicular, or “AC” joint in his shoulder. His second novel, The Minds Within explains his deep conviction that the subconscious mind, if unchecked can dominate our lives.

The screenplays Leon has conceived express insights he has retained through decades as a lawyer, sportsman and metaphysician.

So, is it …out of the Blue?