A determined Papuan young woman leaves her struggling village to enter service in Sydney but falls for her employer’s engaged son.  When he becomes seriously ill and her employer touches her inappropriately she decides to leave without telling the son, who in the meantime has dumped his fiancé.
Ashamed, the young woman hides from her family in a different town in PNG  and remembers how her Medicine man grandfather had saved her life as a child. Needing to heal his illness she finds a mentor and spends her days studying native remedies. Her man follows to her home village but cannot find her as he becomes more ill. When she has mastered a native remedy her younger brother calls her home where finds the young man near death. She convinces her Medicine man grandfather to help but her father, an Elder of the village, suspects that she is pregnant and will not allow the treatment. She crashes an Elder’s meeting in the village hall and, against her father’s objections, convinces them to allow the treatment. But the Medicine man insists that first the patient must disavow his western heritage and become a member of the village. As she does not really know if he agrees she assures the Medicine man that he will.
Following a long native healing ceremony conducted by her and the Medicine man, he is taken back to a hut where, near death, she tends to him. Unbeknown to all, his former fiancé arrives in the village looking for him but she is run out of town by the young woman who has youths threaten to eat her.
After apparently dying in the night, her man slowly recovers but she is unsure of his intentions regarding her and his acceptance of native life. She knows that if he is to stay they must marry and so she creates a charade to find out his real intentions. When he confirms his love for her, she secretly organises what she tells him is a “fancy dress party” which is really a huge wedding ceremony attended by the whole village. At her suggestion he waives his inheritance from his father who pays it to him anyway, so he bounces into the village on a brand new tractor and presents it to the Elders to assist their failing agriculture.

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