Novel: The Seasons Within

Jun 10th, 2019 metaphysics, overcoming fear, Seasons of Natrue, Uncategorized Leon Davis 1 min read

“to dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily…to not dare is to lose oneself” – Soren Kierkegaard. The New Zealand winter was bitterly cold. Finding himself outside the imposing iron gates of the frozen park,  Jonathon attempts to quell his growing sense of dislocation.  In spite of his reluctance to accept his new life here, he is instinctively drawn to the eerie park where he…

Screenplay: Excess Baggage

Feb 22nd, 2019 plane crash Leon Davis 1 min read

When an overweight bag forces a light aircraft to crash land in a storm, a trapped bikie girl must explain to the pilot why her mysterious bag must never leave her side. Before they can discuss it, the aircraft starts to slide toward the cliff just in front. To balance it and stop it sliding, the pilot rushes to the tail and sits on it….


Feb 8th, 2018 Personal Devepment Leon Davis 1 min read

One of the difficulties in moving out of the familiar is the temptation to close off the full drama of change before its own attractions have a chance to ripen. The sense of being bereft of all that is familiar is the vacuum which threatens to suck up everything in its reach. What is hard to appreciate, when terror shapes a catastrophic gap, is that…