When an overweight bag forces a light aircraft to crash land in a storm, a trapped girl pleads with the pilot to bury her mysterious bag before they are found.

She refuses to discuss the contents of the bag but when the aircraft starts to slide toward the cliff in front, the pilot rushes to the tail and sits on it to weigh it down and stop the slide.

While he is outside she discovers a hidden package of drugs which he denies are his.

During a cold, wet night in the crashed aircraft, the trapped passenger admits that a bikie gang are pursuing her for the bag which he assumes must contain a huge amount of drugs.

When he finally agrees to bury the bag in return for her testimony to the authorities about the crash, he notices blood seeping from the bag. After interference from a nosey farmer and an attack by a wild boar, they each attempt to fashion a believable story.

With dawn approaching, she finally admits that there is a body in the bag and he concedes that he intended to sell the drugs to pay his ex-wife to give him access to his twin daughters.

Soon a wild wind starts to blow the aircraft toward the cliff and plunges them into a desperate race to deal with their secrets before they are killed.


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