When an overweight bag forces a light aircraft to crash land in a storm, a trapped bikie girl must explain to the pilot why her mysterious bag must never leave her side.

Before they can discuss it, the aircraft starts to slide toward the cliff just in front. To balance it and stop it sliding, the pilot rushes to the tail and sits on it.

While he is outside she discovers a hidden package of drugs which he later claims he must sell before his wife will give him access to his twin daughters.

During a cold, wet night in the crashed aircraft, the trapped passenger admits that her bikie gang are pursuing her because of the bag, whilst he threatens that, if he can’t fly because of the enquiry into the crash, he may never see his daughters again.

When he finally agrees to bury the bag in return for her testimony to the authorities he notices blood seeping from the bag they are plunged into a desperate race to conceal their secrets before rescuers arrive or the plane slides over the cliff.


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