The genisys of my screenwriting was watching the movie,The Tourist. I was so intrigued by the process of making a movie, that without any experience at all, I decided that I could write a movie script.

I sat down and created what I thought could be, a  concept for a movie, concerning the Nazi looting of artwork and treasures at the end of World War II. The Black Ice trilogy evolved from that idea.

Whilst still engaged in that project, and with the amazing guidance of my literary Mentor Karel Segers, I evolved the concept for Flight to South Cove. This is a story about a  female lawyer, framed by her husband for fraud, who escapes from a plane crash and a murderer, before a deadly confrontation with her husband in South Cove Park, NY.

Lennie, the story of a dolphin nursed back to health by a teenage runaway, explores their unique relationship and the manner in which he contributes to her evolution.

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Leon Davis