A Novel by

Mick O’Donnell

Screenplay Adaption by

Leon Davis

 Prior to world War II,  when a Japanese businessman is viciously sliced to death with a ceremonial sword in the lane behind his hotel, John O’Neill is plunged into a word of political and international intrigue.

Because of his previous dealings with the Japanese Government, he is drafted into the Army as an Intelligence Officer, and ordered to observe a sea Captain suspected of selling secrets to the Japanese.

Later, the body of the businessman leads to the discovery of a microdot containing part of Japanese invasion plans for Australia.

In the Dutch East Indies, John meets  a Japanese officer who reveals that the sword used in the murder, contains the remainder of the invasion plans.

Back in Newcastle, John is involved in a gun fight on the Captains ship, leading to the death of the remaining Japanese agents and the arrest of the Captain. Under interrogation, the Captain eventually reveals the hiding place of sword, allowing for preparations for an invasion.

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