I have now completed a further draft of my first Comedy Screenplay.

The story concerns the events that follow the death of kinky Jewish underpants manufacturer Giddeon, known behind his back, as “Giddy-up”.

His son Michael, a greasy fingered mechanic and his neurotic bulldog Trevor, create havoc in the underpants factory managed by pretty transvestite, Carla. Unfortunately Carla has used money loaned by the Mafia, to continue making the “erotic” underwear for which Giddeon was  famous.

The money is recovered from a safe under the factory floor, but in the ensuing explosion the factory is wrecked and Trevor’s “privates” are burned. With a garbage bag over his head, Michael is taken to the  smash repair shop where the Maia conduct their torture.

In a final confrontation in a Mafia office/spray-booth Sarah, Giddeon’s elderly widow threatens the Mafia boss by sticking the tip of her umbrella up his nose. Escaping, she finally speeds away in his exotic red sports car, leaving a thug tied up in  underwear. Back at the factory, wearing a pair of “love heart” underpants to protect his injuries, Trevor is duly appointed the runway model for the business.

An outline of the plot and a sample of the script can be viewed on my website,