A Screenplay by Leon Davis.

A naive New York lawyer is arrested and jailed for a fraud committed by her cheating husband.

En-route to trial, she is kidnapped by a Cuban drug-lord, but escapes in the dead of night, and sails a small dinghy to the Florida coast.

Rescued by a red-neck, from a marauding alligator in the Everglades, she must enlist his support to evade the vicious drug-lord, the FBI and a husband who is intent on murdering her.

As she becomes close to the red-neck, they escape the Cuban and the FBI, but are pursued to New York by her vengeful husband.

In a final confrontation in South Cove Park NY, the husband tries to stab her. Finally recognizing his motive, and in a life and death struggle, she smothers him.

She wonders if a New York lawyer can build a new life, and find love, with a red-neck?


A full treatment and excerpt of the script are located at:

Leon Davis